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  1. BL

    Thanks so much Andy. I got my 20k USD and I’m so happy. I’ve been using it for 3 days today and no machine could detect that it’s counterfeit. I will be ordering more next week

    • DC

      Thanks Barrett. You can use our bills anywhere. All our notes are scannable and genuine.

  2. OD

    I am not so happy, I paid for a $100,000 cloned card but it only had $60,000 in it. You lied to me. I demand another card for free to complete my balance of $40,000

    • DC

      Hello Omar, I apologize on behalf of the team. We will send another card with a balance of $40,000. It was an error. Thanks for you

  3. BR

    All vendors i bought from sent me a fake card that won’t work at the ATM. They won’t accept their mistakes but keep telling me they don’t know why it’s like that. However, everything has changed since i found this shop. Thanks to Andy especially.

    • DC

      Thank you for your feedback. We’ll continue doing our best to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

  4. JS

    Thanks so much for my cards. You have really changed my life and I’m so grateful. You’ll should continue in keeping it real. I will recommend you’ll to my friends.

    • DC

      Thank you Jude, your recommendation is highly appreciated.

  5. NR

    I live in the UK and the delivery was slow. My delivery took 4 day to the UK. though i paid for express. However, I am happy with the notes i got. Top quality. but please make sure to shorten the delivery time on my next order.

    • DC

      Thanks for your feedback. We will work more on our delivery strategy.